Self Care Ideas -2

Self care has become the need of the hour. With more than an year of sitting at home, we sure know that we are safe. But are we taking our mental health seriously? Most of us brush it off thinking, “Oh everyone are at home, I am sure everyone are feeling the same”. No it’s totally wrong. Even introverts like me are feeling it extremely difficult to cope up without seeing the external world.

Here are some interesting ideas which can ease you and take your mind off the scary pandemic. I am avoiding the repeated ones like exercising, gratitude journaling etc hoping you have already inculcated in your daily routine. Ok, now let’s start.

1. Documentaries

Lately I have been into documentaries. And I must say, Netflix has some of the incredible documentaries out there. If you are not a movie or a series person and like to learn something more about our nature (without the pressure of “learn”learn)you can try these amazing docs listed below.

1. Our Planet

2. Life in Color

3. Seaspiracy

4. 72 Cutest Animals

5. My Octopus Teacher

2. Spend your time with the little ones

Atleast we know what is happening and why are we not able to go out like before. But the tiny tots, have lots of things running through their small brains such as, Why are we not able to go the park and slide with our friends? Why are we not able to go to our schools? Why do everyone in the family are lingering around with their laptops? Why do I have a wear an uncomfortable mask even if I go out for a walk once in a while?

As they are not able to do their favourite things, they start throwing tantrums. We on the other hand, have our own works and worries along with the child. But do spend your free time with your kids, in case there are no grandparents or caretakers to take care of them. They are the most affected ones in this pandemic mentally. I know how difficult it is to conceal your anger when a kid is rolling on the floor and crying but do try! And also you can watch the documentaries listed above along with the kids. It’s a great pastime for all age groups.

3. Limit Social Media

Unfollow people who make your confidence levels low. To stop comparing our lives with the people who seem to have it all, it is the only way out. And times like these, our mind searches for people who have their life together and slams it in your face to make you miserable. Don’t fall for it. Limit the endless scrolling keep your timer on and use each social media for a specific time only. You will automatically realise the positivity this habit radiates in your life.

4. Connect with your loved ones

Even if it is a simple WhatsApp message, do your bit. Reach out to friends and families whom you care and let them know that you are there for them. Once in a while, take some time and talk with them about anything and everything. Catch up with them and see how the rest of your day goes!

5. Have a virtual workdate

Have atleast an one hour of uninterrupted work hour with any of your friends or colleagues. For people like us, who work for their passion or trying to be entrepreneurs it’s so easy to get out of the track, since we are not accountable to anyone. We tend to waste our time, and for times when we feel demotivated, arrange a silent virtual workdate with your friend and make each other accountable and finish your work for the day!

That’s all for the post guys! Let me know your thoughts on this post and also your self care rituals that cleanse your mind.

See you soon, Have a great day!

With love,




  1. “To cope with the pandemic, better known as COVID-19
    we learn the health *&* wellness of our home
    *&* to cope with the solitariness our home is a serious matter
    requiring Mind-over-Matter!”_-Van Prince

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