My long break

Helloooo guys! Oh my God! I am really happy to type this post after a very long time. Hope you all are staying safe and happy.

So what happened to me? Why wasn’t I active for this long? This post is about my personal experience. Hope you all give me the same support you lent me a year back when I started this blog. Really looking forward to connect with you all❤️

Ok so back to my story. The pandemic started, so were our new normal lives. As I had mentioned earlier, I have a toddler who keeps me busy most of the day. And as the pandemic got extended like Hanuman’s tail, so was my anxiety levels.

My kid was bored and it became my 24 hour duty to entertain her. I could see her getting depressed, crying, not willing to eat or even play, which in turn took a toll on my health. We started her pre-nursery online classes too! I feel you moms, now I know why moms are the most frustrated beings because of this pandemic.

Long story short, I took a break so many things happened in the last few months and overwhelmed me. I was mentally not ready to even take a bath or eat properly(No, I am not ashamed to say this, because this issue needs to be normalised and it’s nothing wrong to say that you were depressed) . So finally, I am out of that phase and ready to take a bath properly🤪 Jokes apart, this time I am here to stay!

These are testing times, especially for the people of my country. Get well soon India. Please Stay Home! Stay Safe! It’s a luxury now, to stay home when there are a lot of healthcare workers who risk their lives to save us from this Pandemic. Keep everyone in your prayers and hope we all come back stronger than ever!

With lots of love,

This is Divya signing off!


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