Useful things I write in my notebook

Even though I love typing, nothing can match handwritten notes, at least to me. I feel more connected and confident in completing my goals when I see it written in my handwriting. Here I wanted to share the things which I write in my notebook. I hope this might be useful for people, who want to write and have brought beautiful notebooks but doesn’t have a clue on what to write in notebooks.

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Keep a small notebook handy and instead of saving the snippets in your cellphone or laptop, try writing snippets from books, blog posts, podcasts, videos or anything that you may need it in the future. I usually find it easier to go through a notebook than a device. I know, tech devices are far more better in categorizing and time management, but I really don’t have a clue, why I love my own system.


Ideas can occur anytime, anywhere. You can use your notebook for those million dollar ideas. Also brain dump is specifically useful for people like me, who are always anxious. I just dump whatever thoughts are nagging or stressing me out. It really relieves and clears my mind of all the negativity.

You can also categorize your lists into must want and later. Must list being the things you are committed to, Want list being the things you like to do, but as of now there is no commitment whatsoever and Later list being the things that are far down in your list(long term future goals)


Bloggers can use your notebooks for writing the rough draft of the post. I usually write the rough draft and the sub segments and then develop it in my device. I find it very easy to develop the blog post when I have a rough draft written.


Never underestimate the power of motivational quotes. I have the habit of writing my favorite inspirational quotes in my notebook. Whenever I feel low, these inspirational quotes remind me, why should I keep going and never feel unhappy in life.


Achievements small or big, need a recognition. I write my small achievements in my notebook. Like when I wrote my first post, when I had my first 25 followers, if I get more views for a particular post. Those remind me, that I am doing well and I have to strive hard for more. I have a worst habit of comparing myself with others, but writing this small achievements really changed my viewpoint. Now, I don’t feel unhappy. I am keeping my passion alive and it is so much more worthy.

That’s it for the post guys. Hope you find it useful.

Until next time,

This is Divya signing off.


  1. Before the advent of high-end typing technology handwriting quotes, poems, and books were handwritten first and typed on the old back-in-the-day type writers, and I use hand written notes now mostly for manuscripts for books, but handwriting creativity puts me as a writer and poet closer to innovation in my writings, and I find this post just as original as handwritten notes. Thank you for being so creative and original!!!

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