November Favorites

Hello Guys! Hope everyone are doing good. I am back with my monthly favorites post. This month has been a roller-coaster ride for me, with feeling overwhelmed to do my daily duties to dealing with my sudden mood swings. I found out why I was dejected all of a sudden. I haven’t seen my parents and my brother in a year because of corona. And as always, my family came to my rescue. They visited me for a week and November has already become my favorite month of this year. Ok,Enough of my ranting, lets get into the post guys.


The big bang theory is one of my favorite sitcoms. When Young Sheldon was announced I was so excited to see what made Sheldon cooper the way he is. And as expected I loved it. Along with the main character, I love the Sassy “Meemaw” ,she lives life on her own terms and doesn’t care about anyone and Missy, Sheldon’s twin sister its such a delight to watch. The series is relatable and my go to show if I am feeling a bit down.


I found the poster interesting and decided to give it a try while browsing for some thrillers. This one gave me the chills. Truly engaging from the first till the last scene. You cannot guess this climax at all. Its about a family, who adopt a girl to deal with the loss of their baby. What happens next to the family after the girl enters the house, is said in a most terrific way. This is a must watch for all those psychological horror fans out there! And kudos to that girl Isabelle who portrayed the character of the adopted girl in the film. She managed to pull off such a complex character perfectly.


I tried this badam(almond) halwa for the first time and it came out really well. Though this is a high calorie sweet, we can definitely try once a year. Very less ingredients and very high patience is essential for this dish. Really worth the effort and time it consumed.


“Samajavaragamana” this telugu song is one of my favorites. A romantic melody and an exotic backdrop of Paris adds to the beauty of this song. I have English favorites too. But I have seen many bloggers mentioning about them in their post. So, I decided to add regional languages in my favorite songs list, so people can come across different compositions around the world. Do hear it guys! I am sure you would love it.


Doing nothing with my family is my favorite pastime. We don’t plan to go out or do anything out of the box. We just sit and talk if we meet after a long time. My family was with me for a week and we spent the whole week talking, making yummy food, eating tummy full and sleeping heartily.

That’s it for the post guys. Hope you like it, I will see you soon with another post.

Till then,

This is Divya signing off.



  1. Hi Divya firstly I loved your November Favourites:)
    I Love Samajavaragama song like anything. I guess I use to listen to that song every single day.
    I am glad that I have got company.
    Its so exciting to meet our family right..
    Almond Halwa sounds great.
    I was planning to watch Young Sheldon, I watched the trailer too.
    Happy Blogging Divya 🙂

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