People who say full moon is beautiful haven’t seen the third crescent.

People who say speaking is beautiful haven’t experienced the early morning silence.

People who say babies are adorable haven’t seen old people sleeping peacefully with their mouth slightly open.

People who say blue sky is the prettiest haven’t seen the mesmerising black clouds.

People who say smiling is beautiful haven’t seen a mother cry after she births her baby.

People who say truth is essential haven’t seen a husband lying to his dying wife that she is perfectly alright.

People who say “he/she is lucky” haven’t seen the years and years of hardwork behind his/her success.

No one is wrong and no one is right

Everyone are right from their own perspective!


Hello guys! Hope everyone are safe and healthy! Happy Diwali from my family to yours! Have a great and safe Diwali guys! It’s been a while, I have not been consistent in reading your posts and writing any. I am taking a small break due to my personal commitments, I will be back soon! Sorry for not being in touch with you all! Hope to be back soon and I can’t wait to read all your wonderful posts!

With lots of love,




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