Woman and Water

Oh water!Are you woman?

Hey woman! Are you water?

You are born as a small brook,

grow up into a sparkling stream and

become the mighty river.

You are born as a baby girl,

grow up as a young lady and

become a strong woman.

You freeze like a hard glacier when

someone treats you with their cold behaviour.

You melt like a snow which has seen the sun,

when someone greets you with their warm smile.

Even when life pushes you down like a waterfall,

you continue your journey gracefully.

Though there are rocks and sand obstructing your success,

you go above them paving your way.

You are like the sea waves on the outside

laughing, giggling and playing.

But in the inside you are calmer and deeper

like the middle of the ocean.

Sometimes you stagnate like a lake,

to take care of the family.

Sometimes dams are constructed to control

And use you for their necessity.

You tolerate everything until you can

You give slight warnings with your arguments and expressions

like lightning and thunder.

When it goes overboard, you create cyclones, rainfalls and

damage everything that comes your way.

When they realise their mistakes,

you cool down and go back helping them to lead their life.

Water and woman.. without you,

there is no life on this earth and the universe❤️




  1. Another incredible poem. You always use nature in such a clever way in your poems – this reminded me of your parent raindrop one. The two of them could belong in a best-selling poetry collection about nature. Seriously. Your metaphors and similes are amazing – they’re definitley your strong suit. You’re juxtaposition is also great, never stop writing, Divya. You have a talent that not many people have.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Awww that’s so sweet of you.. I am so grateful for your kind words.. I will definitely write more poems when sweethearts like you are giving me such unconditional support.. Thank you so much and lots of love dear❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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