The Small Joys Tag

Hey lovely people! Today I wanted to do this Small Joys Tag. I was tagged by Nehal, and this is the link to her blog
Thank you so much Nehal
❤️I just love her posts. She is an amazing writer, I am sure you would love her work too.

Thank the blogger who tagged you.
•List 15 of your small joys.
•Tag 5 blogger friends who bring you joy.

My small Joys


1. Birds: Our neighbours have a beautiful terrace garden. And we are fortunate enough to see the beautiful sparrows, which linger around the plants. Sometimes they come to my balcony too and every evening it’s a joy to see them chirp and play happily. 🐦

2. Sky: From my childhood, I always loved watching the sky, stars and the moving clouds. One of my small joys, especially during this pandemic is watching the changing colors of the evening sky. 🌌

3. Chocolate: I am a chocolate addict. I can eat chocolate all 365 days if it is possible. It’s my guilty pleasure. 🍫

4. Travel: I love road trips with family. Singing songs like professional singers, silly fights over food and snacks, stopping anywhere and everywhere to take pictures, I just love travelling with my family. 🚘

5. Movies: I watch a lot of movies and TV series, my favourite genres are comedy, romance and thrillers. 🍿

6. Writing: I love all forms of writing, be it my journal, goals, to-do lists, writing for my blog. I prefer writing in paper than typing. I have a handwritten copy of all my blogposts. ✍️

7. Books: I love reading books. Though I can read fast, I love to read books slowly and get into my favourite character. 📚

8. Board games: Board games are my childhood memories. Nowadays, it has become very difficult to convince someone into playing a board game, but when it happens it makes me ecstatic.

9. Rain: Who doesn’t love rain. Again this one takes me back to my childhood days, where we enjoy the rain from our patio and have hot samosas(An Indian snack) and milk tea. 🌧

10. Free time: I love my free time when I can ponder and write my leads for my posts, my progress, my career, things I want to do for my family, literally like a brain dump. 💃🏻

11. Cooking: I cannot say it’s my joy, because I cook three times a day all week. I do feel overwhelmed, But I love to see my close ones eat the food happily and heartily. 🍜

12. Dressing up: If I am in a bad mood, the one that instantly cheers me up is dressing up and looking in the mirror. 👗 🥻

13. Handmade gifts: I like to make handmade greeting cards and gifts for my family. I personally feel a handmade gift along with your store bought one can really strengthen the bond. 🎁

14. Shopping: I love to see the wide display of things in shops and malls. I love window shopping it gives me immense joy to see everything beautifully organised in colours. 🛍

15. Ice cream: Eating midnight ice cream on a cold night.🍦🍨

I tag everyone who like to participate.

That’s it for the post guys! Hope you liked it. I would love to know what are your smallest joys. Let me know in the comment section below.

Have a wonderful day! Until Next time,

This is Divya signing off❤️


  1. I love books and writing too! Nature like rain and birds are also great joys – I love looking at the nature all around me, it reminds me how huge the earth is and how there are billions of people on it who are all living different and unique lives. It’s comforting for me to know that, no matter where they are, we’re all staring up at the same beautiful sky.

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  2. Woah, this was so nice 😍😍
    Can u suggest me some good comedy movies 🤩
    The sky, the rain are all indeed so beautiful and I totally get how it feels to read a book slowly to absorb each moment 😌
    Nice blog!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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